Staff Directory

Principal: Mr. Robert Dumanowski
Vice Principal: Mr. Terry Kennedy

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Michelle Lukacs

Early Learning Educator: Mrs. Leanne Johnson

Kindergarten AM (English Stream): Ms. Sarah McIntyre
Kindergarten PM (French Immersion Stream): Mlle Sarah McIntyre
Grade 1/2 (English Stream): Ms. Jadeyn Votta
Grade 1 (French Immersion Stream): Mlle Kate McDonald
Grade 2/3 (French Immersion Stream): M. Patrick Pagé and M. Terry Kennedy
Grade 3/4 (English Stream): Ms. Kearsten Hoffart and Mr. Terry Kennedy
Grade 3/4 (French Immersion Stream): Mme Felicity Haldeman
Grade 5/6 (English Stream Teacher): Mrs. Susan Flanagan
Grade 5/6 (French Immersion Stream): Mlle Claire Quinlan and M. Patrick Pagé

Early Learning Program: Mrs. Kim Borland
Learning Assistant: Mrs. Shelley Ferdais
Early Learning Program: Mrs. Paula Herrington
Early Learning Program: Mrs. Kandi Kyle
Learning Assistant: Mrs. Kera-Lynn Sandor
Early Learning Program: Mrs. Shannon Wittrock

Librarian: Mrs. Judy Graham